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Courses we offer

C Programming

C is a powerful system programming language. C is very helpful for many applications that had once in the past been coded in assembly language.

C++ Programming

C++ is an excellent general purpose programming language with modern bells and whistles. CNC provides the best training in C++.

Core & Adv. JAVA

CNC WEB WORLD is a unique training institution in Pune offering specialised courses in JAVA, so as to make them an expert programmer.

PHP & MySql

The CNC WEB WORLD has designed its PHP module in such a way, so as to enable the users who are not very perfect in programming.

ASP & C#.net

CNC WEB WORLD feel pride taking honour of best asp.net institute in Pune and other major cities of India. .net is used for creating dynamic web pages.


Android is getting popular everyday and has become a point of attraction in the digital marketing. The Android development has a very bright future.

Web Designing

Web designing includes many variant levels of skill sets and order at the time of developing and preserving any website.

GUI Designing

HTML5 is an essential core technology markup language of the Web utilized to structure and design substance for the World Wide Web.

Software Testing

An application can never be 100% bug-free . So the scope of software testing is not going to end anytime sooner hence software testing has a huge career.


JavaScript is a dynamic programming language, when we integrate JavaScript with php it gives dynamic results on websites.


Jquery has many such features which changed the way how people write Javascript. Our course will help you to develop ..

Angular JS

AngularJS helps you to amplify HTML vocabulary for our utility. JS is becoming very popular and it is easy to use directives...

.net MVC

ASP.Net is the Programming language developed by Microsoft and MVC (Model View Controller) is the framework of ASP.Net.


The Model View Controller (MVC) is the most used patters in web application development nowadays. There are many frameworks ...


Spring and Hibernate both are Frameworks of Java Programming language. They simplify in developing simple to complex enterprise software.

Digital Marketing

The recent advancement in the technology has created the new king of jobs which require different skills and thought process one of ...

Soft Skills

Self-confidence and assertiveness are skills necessary for success in life. Learn to develop these skills and see the positive effect it has on your life.


Acting is a unique course to learn where every individual has their own unique style. It is very important for an actor perform in acting.