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Digital Marketing



“Digital marketing is all about marketing your product or services using Electronic devices” the recent advancement in the technology has created the new king of jobs which require different skills and thought process one of those jobs are Online Marketing. The term is far different from traditional marketing we can track down each and every information of our customer behavior by using digital sources of marketing which is not possible in conventional marketing this is the major difference between the two. You need to think innovatively while creating a marketing strategy to be a successful Digital Marketer.


Our course is 100% practical one faculty for one student. The course is mainly divided into Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, PPC Campaigns, and Newsletter or Email Campaigns.

Search Engine Overview

Google is the most widely used search engine and known to everyone who uses the internet. There are other Search Engines similar to Google (Yahoo, Bing, and Baidu). A brief overview will be provided to you regarding working of Search Engines.

Search Engine Optimization

On Page Optimization -

It is mainly based on proper optimization of Title, Description, Keywords, Tags, Analytics, Competitor Analysis but what are the other aspects which will develop a standard on a page for a particular website. Discover the hidden aspects of on page optimization which will empower you to be ahead in the competition all the time.

Off Page Optimization -

It is mainly based on Link Building, Blog posting, Guest posting, PR submissions, Blog / Article Commenting, Search Engine Listings, Social Bookmarking, Forum postings, Classified ads creation. Also get to know how to use social media platforms in the off page activities, their importance, and correlation with rankings.

Content Marketing

As they say CONTENT IS THE KING in digital marketing. You will be guided on how to create an SEO friendly content which will be balanced for both, i.e. readers as well as web crawlers.

Social Media Optimization

You will learn about creating social media business profiles, Use of business managers of different social media platforms. Hashtag research, hashtag implementation. How to utilize each platform effectively for the marketing, that too without paid campaigns.

Search Engine Marketing

Marketing platforms such as Google AdWords, Remarketing, Bing AdWords, Search ads, Pay per click, Display ads, Display with Search, Shopping Campaign ads.

Social Media Marketing

You will learn how to advertise on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. You will about ads set, ads targeting, bidding, and payment gateways.

Resumes & Mockups

We will help you to build you a strong resume which will attract the Agencies. Mock interview sessions will boost your confidence. You will be a ready material for the digital marketing world to absorb.

  • Digital Marketing Course would be beneficial for – Fresher Graduates / Fresher Post Graduates / Final year marketing postgraduates who have not yet found a campus job.
  • Stuck in door to door sales job / Working professional / Entrepreneurs / business owners – intending to ride the growing job opportunities / business opportunities in internet marketing , digital marketing and social media. A must gain skill for Entrepreneurs, as it gives them enough understanding on their spend.
  • The duration of the digital marketing program is 2-3 months depending on the batch you are a part of . Weekend batches typically take about three month and weekdays batches are about 2½ months.

  1. Types of Marketing
  2. What is Digital Marketing
  3. Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing
  4. Print Media Vs Digital Media
  5. Types of websites & CMS tools
  1. What is a Search Engine
  2. How Search Engine Works
  3. Different Search Engines
  4. Search Engine Algorithm Updates
  5. What is SERP
  6. Google Ranking Factors
  7. Basics of URL Optimization
  1. How Google Analytics Work
  2. How to set up Analytics tracking
  3. How to do Analysis of various reports
  4. What is google webmaster
  5. How to set up webmaster tracking
  6. How to monitor your site using Google Webmaster
  7. What are keywords
  8. Different techniques in keyword Analysis
  1. What is On page Optimization
  2. Importance of On page Optimization
  3. Google website guidelines
  4. Site speed analysis
  5. File name Optimization
  6. Title Tag Optimization
  7. Meta Tags Optimization
  8. Headers Optimization
  9. SEO Content Writing
  10. Anchor Links Optimization
  11. Image Tag Optimization
  12. Creating HTML and XML sitemaps
  13. Robot.txt and its importance
  14. URL Redirecting Techniques
  15. Black hat SEO Techniques
  16. Introduction to off Page Optimization
  17. Submission to search engines
  18. Google Link Scheme guidelines
  19. Linking Building Methodology
  20. Types of Linking Methods
  21. Do follow Vs. No follow Links
  22. Links Analysis Tools
  23. Business Directory Submissions
  24. Social Bookmarking
  25. Blog Linking, Internal Linking
  26. Using Classifieds for Inbound traffic
  27. Generating Links from QA sites
  28. Blogging and Guest Blogging
  29. Press Releases
  30. Social Media Links
  1. What is SEM
  2. Google AdWords and Other AdWords
  3. Types of Ads in Google AdWords
  4. Advertising Strategies
  1. Account Creation
  2. Understanding AdWords Dashboard
  1. Types of Campaign
  2. Search, Display, Shopping, Email, Video
  3. Location Targeting
  4. Bidding Strategies
  5. Budget Setting
  6. Ads Scheduling
  7. Ads delivery & Rotation
  1. Ads Group Structure
  2. Keyword Planner
  3. Keyword Match Type
  4. Keyword Research
  1. Ads Auction
  2. Ad Rank
  3. Quality Score
  4. Types of Bidding
  5. Bidding Strategies
  1. Structure of ads
  2. Types of Ads Positioning
  3. Character Limits & Guidelines
  4. Landing Page Quality
  1. Location
  2. Call
  3. Site links
  4. Reviews
  5. App
  1. What is Conversion
  2. Types of Conversion
  3. Setting up Conversion Tracking
  1. resize
  2. outline-offset
  1. What is Social Media Marketing
  2. Difference Between SSM & SMO
  3. Social Media Strategies
  1. Facebook Account Setup
  2. Facebook Business Page Setup
  3. Facebook Group Setup
  4. Facebook, Account, Page & Group Content Strategy
  5. Facebook Insights
  1. Ads Manager
  2. Types of Facebook Campaign
  3. Types Of Bidding
  4. Audience Targeting
  5. Strategies for Creating Different Ads
  1. Twitter Account & page setup
  2. Twitter Content Strategy
  3. Use of Hashtags
  4. Twitter Analytics
  5. Twitter Promotions
  1. Setting Up Account & Page
  2. Managing Connection
  3. Managing Google+ Groups
  1. Setting Up Account & Page
  2. LinkedIn Strategy
  3. Building Connections & Recommendations
  1. Importance of Email Marketing
  2. Popular Email Marketing Software’s
  3. Creating a Subscriber List
  4. Creating an Email Marketing Campaigns
  1. What is ORM
  2. Why we need ORM
  3. Commons mistakes made by the website owners
  4. Impact of Negative SEO
  5. What we need to do in ORM

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