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Best big data training in pune

What is Big Data?

Data which consists of very large in size is referred as Big Data. In other words, Big Data is a term used to describe a collection of data that are large and complex. Such large data is difficult to store and process using traditional database management tools because they don’t fit into a regular database network. Big Data makes easy searching, capturing, storing, sharing, transferring, analyzing and visualizing of the data.

Big Data is not a single method or a technique or a tool, but it involves various tools, techniques and frameworks.The applications of Big Data are found across various industries such as advertising, education, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, financial services, entertainment and many more. In these industries, huge amount of data is generated which comes from many sources like:

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SAP functional modules include:

  1. Social networking sites such as Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, etc.
  2. E-commerce sites such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc.
  3. Telecom companies such as Jio, Airtel, Vodafone, etc.
  4. Daily transactions in Share Market
  5. Weather station and satellite.

The Big Data helps these industries to increase efficiency, improve the customer experiences and boost to maximize the profits.

Characteristics of Big Data

  1. Volume - amount of data which consists of very large size of Petabytes and is growing daily.
  2. Velocity - the pace at which the data is generated from different sources (above mentioned).
  3. Variety - data can be structured or unstructured which comes in the form of images, audios, videos, doc files, etc.
  4. Veracity - data available in doubt or uncertainty due to data inconsistency and incompleteness.
  5. Value - raw data is transformed into useful data.

Three types of Big Data

  1. Structured - The data which is stored, accessed and processed in a fixed format is called as Structured Data.
  2. Unstructured - The data which is in unknown form or the structure is called as Unstructured Data.
  3. Semi-Structured - The data which contain both the forms of data but actually not defined.

Benefits of Big Data

  1. Using the social data from search engines and sites like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn are enabling the businesses to plan their business strategies and take correct decisions.
  2. The marketing agencies are learning about the response from the data of their paid/non- paid campaigns, promotions and other advertising mediums.
  3. Using the previous data like customer feedback to provide better and quick service.
  4. Access to data helps to identify the risk in the product/services for making better operational efficiency.

The Challenges with Big Data

  1. As data is growing quickly, it can become a challenge to analyze that data and find the meaningful insights.
  2. Lack of data quality due to size in petabytes, inconsistent and incomplete.
  3. To store and manage the huge amount of data can be difficult for any business without appropriate tools and technologies.
  4. Another challenge for businesses is to keep their huge amount of data secured.
  5. For Big Data, there is the requirement of skill and talent, cost of solution and processing a huge amount of data in time with accuracy.

The frameworks of Big Data

  1. Hadoop - It is the Apache Hadoop software library; an open source, Java-based programming framework that allows the large data storage and processing in a distributed computing environment.
  2. Spark - It is a general purpose distributed data processing framework. It is faster than Hadoop and provides high-level APIs such as Java, Python and R programming languages.
  3. Kafka - It is a stream processing platform and is generally used to build the real-time streaming data pipelines and streaming applications.
  4. Samza - It is another stream processing framework that is built on the Kafka messaging system to provide the fault tolerance, buffering and state storage.
  5. Cassandra - It is a distributed NoSQL (not only Structured Query Language) database management system and is used to provide an effective management of huge amount of data.
  6. Storm - It is an open source distributed real-time computation system and written in Clojure, the functional programming language.
  7. Flink - It is also an open-source, distributed, high-performing and accurate data streaming applications.
  8. HPCC - High-Performance Computing Cluster (HPCC); also known as DAS (Data Analytics Supercomputer) is data-intensive computing system platform and developed by LexisNexis Risk Solution.

CNC Web World provides the Big Data and Hadoop training in Pune and it covers in-depth knowledge of Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), Yet Another Resource Negotiator (YARN), MapReduce, Hive, Pig, HBase, Spark, Oozie. Flume and Sqoop. The candidates will get a structured Big Data training in Pune with the latest curriculum as per current industry requirements and best practices from the corporate experts who are having 10 years of experience working on live Big Data projects.

CNC Web World is one of the leading Big Data Hadoop training institute in Pune for providing the Big Data course in Pune with placement in the top companies across Maharashtra. The course curriculum involves all modules ranging from basic to advanced level and delivers a suitable environment for the candidates. We have an high-tech infrastructure with newly designed labs which helps them practice and pursue the Big Data course. Every candidate is supported with practical training on each topic discussed in the sessions to get a better understanding.

As Big Data is one of the accelerating and most promising fields, become a Big Data expert the candidates are taking Big Data Hadoop Certification Training at Big Data Hadoop training institutes in Pune and gaining the knowledge as well as the required hands-on experience for solving real-time industry-based Big Data projects. Under the guidance and support of our trainers on all the technologies available in the IT market today, the candidates can apply this extensive knowledge in their chosen field of work.

We conduct the Big Data training in Pune Pimple Saudagar regularly having both morning and evening batches on all weekdays and special sessions for working professionals on weekends. We are dedicated in getting best results in a candidate to develop skills and acquire latest technology across various sectors. Our aim is to provide quality education and become the industry leader. So we have the Big Data Hadoop training in Pune fees very reasonable and give the facility of installments to learn the technology proficiency and professionally.

Our Big Data training in Pimpri Chinchwad helps the candidates to grab this opportunity and accelerate your career. Our Big Data courses in Viman Nagar can be pursued by professional as well as freshers, but is best suited for -

  1. Software Developers
  2. Software Architects
  3. Project Managers
  4. Data Engineers
  5. Data Analysts
  6. Business Analysts
  7. Business intelligence Professionals
  8. Data Warehousing Professionals

Big Data training in Dange Chowk is an extremely high-in-demand profession which requires a knowledge of analysing the data and increase business revenue. After completing this training, the candidates will be able to analyze Big Data using Machine Learning, Hadoop and R Programming, Data Analysis Life Cycle, Data visualization, optimization, transformation using different techniques. The Big Data Hadoop training Pune is good for the candidates who want to be Big Data Analytics Manager, Data Scientist, Hadoop Professional, Information Architect, etc.

Gaining the detailed knowledge about Big Data through best Big Data Hadoop training in Pune is the most important skills required for above profiles and will be going to increase over time. Once the candidates take the Big Data training Pune you will find the organization problems and solve it through different tools and techniques. With Big Data, organisations are showing are adopting Hadoop to store & analyse the huge amount of data. Due to this, the demand for the jobs in Big Data and Hadoop are increasing today.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in this field, this is the right time to get started with best Big Data training in Pune.


Eligibility : BE,MCA,MSC,BCA
Timings: Flexible.
Course Duration: 2 Months
Training Methodology: 100% Practical one student one Trainer
On Completion: You will be able to work on project.

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