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“Java is basically designed to have the look and feel of the C++ language” but it is very simple to use than C++ language.

Java is a one of the most used computer programming language. It enables techies to write codes using more powerful instruction sets provided by Oracle Inc. It is one of the high-level programming language is used to make web application, enterprise applications.


We offer Special courses in JAVA , standard edition and the enterprise edition. We teach our students to become expert in JAVA programming through their creativity, thoughts, ideas, troubleshooting and real-time experiences.

The Core JAVA training enable students to get the deep knowledge about the basic concepts of the Java language, implementing the principles of object oriented programming by making use of GUI and JAVA API applications.

The advanced JAVA provides a wide platform by making use of JAVA programming language.

Our course is 100% practical one faculty for one student. This course is a basic course designed for the students who want to learn basic and advance Editions of java programming.

We have four branches in Pune and one each in Nagpur and Mumbai. All the branches are well equipped with Latest LED computer and high-speed Internet. We have experienced faculties for teaching who work dedicatedly in enhancing and up skilling your knowledge. Our timings are so flexible that you can come at your preferred timings.

Eligibility : BE,MCA,MSC,BCA
Time: Flexibility
Duration: Depend on Module
Training methodology: 1 to 1 (one faculty for one student/Group)
  1. History and Features of Java
  2. Internal Details of JVM (Java Virtual Machine)
  3. Installation of JDK(Java Development Kit)
  4. Configuration of JDK with System
  5. Difference between JDK, JRE, JVM
  6. Execution of Java Program
  1. Reserved Words
  2. Keywords
  3. Literals
  4. Identifier
  5. Variables
  6. Data Types
  7. Operators
  1. First Program of Java
  2. Use Of Scanner class
  3. Use of BufferedReader class
  4. Introduction to Wrapper classes
  1. If…else
  2. If…else ladder
  3. Nested if…else
  1. What is switch statement?
  2. How to use switch statement?
  1. While loop
  2. Do…while loop
  3. For loop
  4. Nested for loop
  1. What is an Array?
  2. Types of Array
  3. Use of Array
  1. What is String class
  2. Methods of String class
  1. What is Method?
  2. Ways to write Method
  1. Advantages of OOPs
  2. Class and Objects
  3. Data Hiding
  4. Data Abstraction
  5. Encapsulation
  6. Inheritance
  7. Polymorphism
  8. Overloading
  9. Overriding
  10. Method Hiding
  11. Constructor
  12. Constructor Overloading
  13. Abstract Class
  14. Interface
  1. Use of break keyword
  2. Use of return keyword
  3. Use of continue keyword
  4. Use of this keyword
  5. Use of super keyword
  6. Use of final keyword
  7. Use of static keyword
  1. What is Exception?
  2. What is Exception Handling?
  3. Difference between Exception and Error
  4. Components to Handle Exception
  1. What is Package?
  2. Types of Package
  3. Creating and accessing own package?
  1. What is JAR file?
  2. Creating JAR file
  3. Accessing JAR file
  1. What is Collection Framework?
  2. Types of Collection
  3. Set
    1. HashSet
    2. LinkedHashSet
  4. List
    1. ArrayList
    2. LinkedList
    3. Vector
    4. Stack
  5. Queue
    1. PriorityQueue
  6. Map
    1. HashMap
    2. LinkedHashMap
    3. Hashtable
  7. Iterators
    1. For each loop
    2. Iterator
    3. ListIterator
    4. Enumeration
  1. What is Thread?
  2. What is Multi Threading?
  3. Use of Multi Threading
  4. Ways to create Thread
  5. Naming in Thread
  6. Thread Priority
  7. Use of yield() method
  8. Use of join() method
  9. Use of sleep() method
  1. What is file Handling?
  2. Creating and Accessing file
  3. Inserting and Retrieving data from file
  1. What is Advanced Java?
  2. What is Client and Server?
  3. Use of Client and Server?
  1. Introduction of Servlet
    1. Web Terminology
    2. What is Servlet?
  2. Servlet API
    1. Introction of Servlet API
    2. Servlet Interface
    3. Generic Servlet
    4. HttpServlet
  3. Difference between doGet and doPost() method
  4. Life Cycle of Servlet
  5. Servlet Collaboration
    1. Use of sendRedirect
    2. Use of requestDispatcher
  6. Use of ServletConfig
  7. Use of ServletContext
  8. Session Tracking
    1. URL Rewritting
    2. Hidden Form Field
    3. Session
    4. Cookies
  9. Filter
    1. What is Filter?
    2. Use of Filter
  10. CRUD Opration Using Servlet
  1. Introduction of JSP
    1. What is JSP?
    2. Use of JSP
    3. Life Cycle of JSP
    4. JSP API
  2. JSP Scripting Elements
    1. JSP Scriptlet Tag
    2. JSP Expression Tag
    3. JSP Declaration Tag
  3. Implicit Objects
    1. JSP Request
    2. JSP Response
    3. JSP Config
    4. JSP Application
    5. JSP Session
    6. JSP PageContext
    7. JSP Page
    8. JSP Exception
  4. JSP Directive Elements
    1. JSP page Directive
    2. JSP include Directive
    3. JSP Taglib Directive
  5. JSP Exception
  6. JSP Action Elements
    1. Jsp:forward
    2. Jsp:include
    3. Java Bean Class
    4. Jsp:useBean
    5. Set & get Property
  7. Expression Language
  8. JSTL
  9. JSP Custom Tags
  10. JSP CRUD Operation
  1. Introduction
  2. Feature Of Hibernate
  3. Object States
  4. Components in Hibernate Application
  5. First Hibernate Program
  6. Auto DDL Operations
  7. Hibernate Query Language
  8. Primary Key Generator Support
  9. Validation (by using Annotaion)
  10. Annotaion
  11. CRUD Operation Using Hibernate with MySQL Database


  • HTML
  • CSS


  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • Media query


  • Core java
  • Adv Java

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