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“JavaScript is a dynamic programming language, when we integrate JavaScript with php it gives dynamic results on websites. JavaScript enables a website to enter into a dimension of creativity and power. JavaScript is very diverse language to learn. You can slowly build image galleries, button clicks, and Later on, you can start making games web apps."

Jquery is JavaScript Framework. Jquery has many such features which changed the way how people write Javascript. It makes Ajax, php documentation handling much easier with the use of API’s.

JavaScript Frameworks like AngularJS is becoming very popular in terms of getting high paid jobs. Knowledge of JavaScript and its frameworks is must if you are looking for a career in Front End Development.

AngularJS helps you to amplify php vocabulary for our utility. JS is becoming very popular and it is easy to use directives has become an important declarative inprogramming. CNC Web World helps our students to learn how to use the AngularJS frameworkwhich the students must learn to become a successful Client-Side Application Developers.

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Eligibility : BE,MCA,MSC,BCA
Timings: Flexible.
Course Duration: 90 Days
Training Methodology: 100% Practical one student one Trainer


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